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I learned from Google Analytics that you might be a non-german-speaking reader of this website – maybe you clicked a link in one of the online forums abroad where my articles where discussed.

I am sorry that my articles are so far all written in German – because I felt there is too little know-how and coverage on Value Investing in the german-speaking area.

Maybe I get second thoughts at some point in time to switch to English as the standard language here.

For the time being, you find some similar content in English that I published over here:

SeekingAlpha.com: „Clinuvel: Sphene Capital Initiates Coverage With A Buy Rating“

SeekingAlpha.com: „Clinuvel: Laying The First Brick For A Fortress Of Commercial Success (January 2017)“

SeekingAlpha.com: „Clinuvel: High Cash Returns – Catalysts For Growth Lined Up (November 2017)“

SeekingAlpha.com: „Clinuvel: Turtle Or Race Horse? Both Have Their Qualities [Review of Clinuvel AGM] (December 2017)“

Solarworld: A perfect stock for an all-or-nothing strategy (Feb 2017)

The Solarworld article is of little relevance as an investment thesis as one of the predicted events (bankruptcy) kicked in earlier this year. However, it is still a good read to understand how a straddle option strategy could be designed.

If you are interested in any of the other content, you could give Google Translate a try:


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